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At a high-level, Security Monkey consists of the following components:

Watcher - Component that monitors a given AWS account and technology (e.g. S3, EC2). The Watcher detects and records changes to configurations. So, if an S3 bucket policy changes, the Watcher will detect this and store the change.

Notifier - Component that lets a user or group of users know when a particular item has changed. This component also provides notification based on the triggering of audit rules.

Auditor - Component that executes a set of business rules against an AWS configuration to determine the level of risk associated with the configuration. For example, a rule may look for a security group with a rule allowing ingress from (meaning the security group is open to the Internet). Or, a rule may look for an S3 policy that allows access from an unknown AWS account (meaning you may be unintentionally sharing the data stored in your S3 bucket). Security Monkey has a number of built-in rules included, and users are free to add their own rules.

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